Pineapple Hair Bun – How to Pineapple Curly Hair – The Pineapple Method

Pineapple Hair Bun – How to Pineapple Curly Hair – The Pine-apple Method, The NaturallyCurly community came up with the term “pineapple hair technique” to describe a method for protecting curly hair while you sleep. The technique is called “pineapple hair.” If you follow the instructions for the pine-apple hair method, you should end up with a gorgeous mound of curls on the crown of your head that, if done perfectly, should mimic the shape of a pineapple.

If you’re not sure what pineapple is or why it’s done, let us explain: Pineapple your hair is a method for preventing tangled hair and preserving your natural curls overnight. The method involves securing your curly hair on top of your head in a way that is only loosely held in place. The nicest aspect is that it is so straightforward that there is virtually no way to mess it up. This is the pineapple hairstyle in its exact form.


Pineapple Hair Bun - How to Pineapple Curly Hair - The Pineapple Method


Pineapple Hair Bun – How to Pineapple Curly Hair – The Pineapple Method

How to Pineapple Curly Hair – The Pine-apple Method

Step 1: 

Apply a small amount of Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Butter Cream Leave-In to your curls before you go to bed. This will prepare your hair for the next step.

Step 2:

The second step is to give yourself pineapple hair. Make a high ponytail by carefully gathering your hair into a bun. After slipping a scrunchie made of fabric over the base of the ponytail, do not, we repeat, do not twist it around to make the ponytail more secure. To prevent a dent from appearing in the morning, you want the tension to be as relaxed as possible.

Step 3: 

Allow one-half of your curls to fall to one side while the other half falls to the opposite side. It doesn’t matter if the scrunchie moves around a tiny bit because your curls will still be secure.

Step 4: 

The pineapple hair should be removed with little effort the next morning. Remove the scrunchie or other piece of fabric that was holding your hair back, and then shake it out in a side-to-side motion. That brings us to the end—or very close. How can you revitalise your curls after using pineapple? It’s easy: You can, and all it takes is a spray of Garnier Fructis Curl Renew Reactivating Spray Milk to give them a new lease of life right away. (If you spritz your curls with water after doing the pineapple method on your hair, it’s the same as walking outdoors in the rain and causing your hair to frizz.)


Pineapple Hair Bun - How to Pineapple Curly Hair - The Pineapple Method


Pineapple Benefits for Curly Hair

Overnight, piling your hair into a pine-apple on top of your head serves three very significant purposes:

  • Helps smooth out kinks caused by hair ties and releases tension in curls
  • Gives you maximum curl volume and definition
  • Overnight, it eliminates frizz and creates perfectly air-dried curls.

First, pulling your hair back into a ponytail as close to your front hairline as possible can assist you avoid kinks and dents in your hair that might prevent you from wearing your gorgeous curls down the following day.

If you position your pine-apple bun or ponytail closer to your hairline, you will achieve more volume in the front of your hair and the kinks in your hair will be less obvious.

Second, if you position your pine-apple bun so that it is close to your hairline, you won’t have to smooth or slick any section of your hair back, and your curls won’t be subjected to additional tension that will cause them to lose volume.

The front and top of your hair will be smoothed back when you arrange your hair into a low, midi, or high ponytail somewhere in the middle of your head between the nape of your neck and your crown. Simply tie it more loosely and higher up, as close to the hairline in front of your face as you can get it, and the issue will vanish without a trace!

Last but not least, positioning the ponytail so that it is so close to the front hairline helps to stagger the curl groups in your hair, which in turn helps to maintain the curls distinct and bouncy.

When you pull a ponytail further back, the gathered hair falls in a single clump to the ground below the elastic. If you knot the ponytail higher up, the curls will have more room to spread out and will occupy a greater volume of area.

They dry independently and keep their volume and bounce all through the night, so when you wake up in the morning, your curls will be defined and voluminous.

Wrapping Up

The pine-apple hair bun is the quickest and easiest hairstyle for curly girls to achieve frizz-free, defined, and voluminous curls when they wake up in the morning. While you sleep, you can prevent tangles and flattening of your curls by tying your hair in a pineapple-like bun on top of your head and securing it only loosely.


Pineapple Hair Bun - How to Pineapple Curly Hair - The Pineapple Method


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